Digital Transcription and Medical Coding

Minimize your transcription costs by 50% or more with our experienced transcriptionists and integrated transcription services. You can take advantage of our first-rate, next-day transcription services at the remarkably low rates. Undertaking transcription in-house would imply that the business owners/healthcare practices have to manage resources, technology, turnaround time and all other costs associated with transcription. Therefore transcription outsourcing makes things immensely simpler for businesses and healthcare centers.

To help healthcare professionals and physicians generate correct and timely patient charts and better manage their time, ParagonQuotes has developed a convenient digital transcription service, MedScribe. With MedScribe, you can send us your digital audio dictation and we will transcribe complete patient charts along with Medical coding directly to your EHR portal. ParagonQuotes has dedicated medical language specialists, thoroughly trained in many healthcare specialties, to produce accurate patient charts and ICD-10 codes.