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With combined decades of experience in both offline and online marketing models, our team has positioned ParagonQuotes as a premium destination for high quality leads. Our emphasis on quality control involves a strict internal verification process to filter out any non-qualified lead prospects. We control almost every aspect of the lead generation process, driving high quality traffic from our network to our own hosted offers and delivering through our technology platform.

We work with large providers, independent contractors, and everything in between. ParagonQuotes sets itself apart by engaging in large scale national media buys. Whatever product/service our clients are selling, we can help bring quality prospects to you. Be it Insurance, Solar or Medicare Services, we got it all covered. We use Social Media Marketing, SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Web-based landing pages and Telemarketing as our primary traffic source. It is for that reason that we are able to target consumers that our buyers cannot reach through their internal marketing efforts. We stand by our service by charging no set up fees and offering the most lenient return policy in the business.

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