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Whatever product or service you are selling, ParagonQuotes can help bring quality prospects to you. Be it Insurance, Solar or Medicare Services, we got it all covered. We use Social Media, SMS, Email and landing pages as our primary traffic source.

Social Media Marketing

We drive organic traffic from our social media ads directly to your landing pages and funnels. Our Facebook & Instagram ads are not only eye-catching but also targets interested prospects towards your business.

Tech Support

Our technical support purely guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. We offer 24/7 service and support for SAAS based tools and products. Our techs are highly skilled, and available round the clock to help solve your problems.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Ads, Email Marketing & Offline SMS

We delve into your audience insights and craft precise, tailored ads across social media platforms. Our approach involves in-depth analysis, rigorous A/B testing, and ROI tracking to ensure measurable outcomes for your business. Simultaneously, we drive a substantial flow of engaged consumers to our strategically designed online landing pages.


Digital Transcription & Medical Coding

Discover substantial cost savings of 50% or more by leveraging the expertise of our seasoned transcriptionists and our comprehensive integrated transcription services. Unlock the value of our exceptional next-day medical transcription services, available at remarkably competitive rates that ensure optimal affordability. Explore further benefits by accessing our top-tier next-day medical coding services, also offered at remarkably low rates.

Message from CEO

Paragon Quotes is more like a POWER HOUSE that has made its way up the industry
in a very small span of time by earning clients’ trust and retaining them
through the intense quality services. We here at Paragon Quotest
are training employees in such a way that their prospective of thinking big,
smart and innovative becomes a habit and that’s what has made us successful,
unique and supreme. We haven’t lost any client in any vertical since inception
from producing bad quality.
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Know more about the leads you buy

With us you gain transparency and visibility into all the leads you’re buying. Our O&O websites drive organic traffic, ensuring you receive Jornaya Lead ID tokens and Trusted Form with every lead you order. Simplifying your journey, our multiple web pages offer a real-time glimpse of applicant clicks and quote submissions monthly, empowering you with enriched conversion data for smarter, safer, and more profitable customer interactions.  

Elevate your business to new heights with our exceptional leads​

Over the last decade, we have helped over 1000 companies nationwide grow their business
We offer premium lead products, impeccable value added services, a return policy guarantee, and flexible payment terms
Partner with us to embark on a journey of sustained success, backed by expertise and dedication.

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