Discover how ParagonQuotes is the right fit for your business?

We are a well-established, end-to-end solutions provider registered in the United States, with offshore offices in Pakistan and Philippines. Our expertise spans Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, Tech Support, and Software. Committed to building lasting relationships, we prioritize meeting customer expectations, fostering mutual trust, and delivering turn-key solutions that drive success.

We offer our expertise in various domains, including:

We offer our expertise in various domains, including:


Whatever product or service you are selling, ParagonQuotes Media with a decade of experience can help bring quality prospects to you.


Maximize customer-generated inbounds with ParagonQuotes. Transform interest into connections and opportunities for your business.


Our expert team connects customers to sales reps, ensuring smooth transitions that boost conversions and maximize ROI.

Tech Support

Our technical support purely guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. We offer 24/7 support for SAAS based tools and products.

Email Marketing & Offline SMS

We analyze, A/B test, and track ROI to produce measurable results for your business. We attract hundreds of interested consumers via Email & SMS towards our online published landing pages.

Social Media Marketing

We expertly drive organic traffic from our strategic social media ads directly to your highly optimized landing pages and effective sales funnels, ensuring optimal engagement and conversions.

Digital Transcription & Medical Coding

Minimize transcription costs by 50% with our experienced transcriptionists and integrated transcription services. Take advantage of our first-rate, next-day medical transcription at the remarkably low rates.


Our software team helps clients leverage new business opportunities by creating smart technology systems. We offer end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy to design, implementation, and support.